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Making money from the art of seduction

Can you make money from seduction? Not all of us are naturals at the art of seduction, and not all women know how to seduce men. This is why I set up my school of seduction, and some of my best pupils are London escorts. They seem to find it really easy to learn new seduction techniques and seem to be really interested in learning how to turn men on. I have to confess my classes are not cheap, and I do make a tidy profit. but I suppose for most London escorts, it is a worthwhile investment.

Before I started my own school, I worked for male London escort. I had a great time, but I did appreciate that a lot of women wanted to seduce men, but did not really know how. I am not exactly Don Juan, but I do think I am rather good at seducing women, and it was important when I worked for male London escorts. What I did learn from the women that I dated that they felt a bit unsure of how to seduce men, and I ended up talking to them about it. In the end, I thought I might have a business here.

The truth is that my school of seduction is going really well. Not only do I get London escort attend, but I get lots of other ladies attend as well. The London escort who attends the school are really keen to learn of course, but the other ladies are doing well. The nice thing is that ordinary ladies, if you like, get the chance to meet London escorts. By the sound of it, there are lots of ideas floating around, and I am sure that quite a few long lasting friendships have formed at my school.

Lots of girls still want to become a London escort, or become a better London escort, and I love it when I see some good results. It is amazing to think that we have almost lost the art of seduction in this day and age. We are so rushed off our feet that we don’t have time for each other and that certainly has a lot to do with it. On top of that, we also seem to be keen to jump into bed with each other when we are half drunk. That does not work neither, and there is no need for it.

I love being seduced, and I know that many other men do as well. But, the art of seduction have almost been lost these days, and we will need to work hard to recapture it. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that the art of seduction can keep marriages alive, and make many other relationship happen. Do we need a seduction school? Well, I think so, and I think a lot of other people do as well. This is why I am planning to franchise my school of seduction, and take it that one step further.…

The Magic Behind Hitting The Pussy Hard

When your woman gives you her pussy, the best thing that you can do is to make maximum use of it. You need to hit the pussy hard so that every time she will be looking for you to taste her waters. This is the magic behind a woman’s love (or lust) for a man. If you cannot do it, then you are very unlucky because other guys may do it and win her from you. So make sure that you perfect your bedroom skills and master all the best styles of making your woman climax. Below we will share a few things that will help you master the art of hard fucking.

When you want to hit your partner’s pussy hard, always ensure that you put her in the right position. Each sex style depends on your position as an adult man and that of your sexual girl partner. Tell her to squat as she opens her legs wide. This will give you an excellent position of hitting the pussy hard until she begins to scream in pleasure. The entire dick will get inside her pussy as you pump it in out and out to her enjoyment.

You may also decide to go doggie style. You approach her pussy from behind. This will give you a better position and angle for hitting the pussy hard as you also enjoy thrusting your body on her yummy hips. Hold her by her waist as you continue to hit hard with increased speed until she attains her orgasm. The more screams she makes, the more she enjoys your action. Encourage her to play with herself as you fuck her; this will make her cum even harder ad is fun for you too. She may enjoy a bit of spanking while being fucked; just make sure she is enjoying it and don’t spank too hard! Let your dick do all the hard spanking; hit that pussy until you reach her G-spot. She will never forget about you and will always look for your exceptional services when she is in need of sex.

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