fraudsters used seduction manual to con woman out of £1.6m – fraudsters used seduction manual to con woman out of £1.6m
When police eventually tracked down the gang they found they had been using a book entitled The Game: Penetrating the Society of Pick Up Artists, as a seduction manual. The book, by author Neil Strauss, offers tips and advice on how to pick up women

Seduction Reigns Supreme In David Correy’s Video For ‘High’ – Singersroom News

Singersroom News

Seduction Reigns Supreme In David Correy's Video For 'High'
Singersroom News
Season One “X-Factor USA” contestant and voice behind the 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign “The World is Ours,” David Correy, drops the video for his new single “High.” It's a sexy slow banger that has him getting high off of his late night fling: “She

Theatre review: An ‘intricate round of sex, seduction, revenge and betrayal’ –

Theatre review: An 'intricate round of sex, seduction, revenge and betrayal'
Theatre review: An 'intricate round of sex, seduction, revenge and betrayal'. 4 / 5 stars. Showboat. Hearing someone say that Jerome Kern had written Ol' Man River, Mrs Oscar Hammerstein retorted: “Indeed he did not. My husband wrote Ol' Man River.

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