CBB’s Ginuwine and Ashley James rekindle their ‘flirty friendship’ as his seduction technique hits a nerve – Metro


CBB's Ginuwine and Ashley James rekindle their 'flirty friendship' as his seduction technique hits a nerve
Looks like love is in the air again as Ginuwine and Ashley rekindle their 'flirty friendship'. The pair grew close in the first week of Celebrity Big Brother and put out a showmance that fans seemed to love – while also thinking it a little odd at the
Celebrity Big Brother fans call for 'creepy' Ginuwine to be removed after he 'terrifies' Ashley JamesEvening Standard

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Adam Henrique’s New Jersey Homecoming Featured A Beautiful Goal And The “Pads Of Seduction” – Deadspin


Adam Henrique's New Jersey Homecoming Featured A Beautiful Goal And The "Pads Of Seduction"
When the Devils and Ducks swapped center Adam Henrique for defenseman Sami Vatanen on Nov. 30, it was a quintessential dealing-from-strength move for both teams. New Jersey had a plethora of forwards and was weak in the back, and injury-riddled Anaheim
WATCH: Adam Henrique receives 'Pads of Seduction' from DevilsNJ.com
Adam Henrique's parting gift from Devils? The 'Pads of Seduction' (Video)NBCSports.com
Devils gift Adam Henrique with Pads of SeductionFanRag Sports (blog)
NJ.com –Twitter
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Premiere: Succumb to Half the Animal’s Colorful Seduction “Bad Bad Love” – Atwood Magazine (blog)

Atwood Magazine (blog)

Premiere: Succumb to Half the Animal's Colorful Seduction “Bad Bad Love”
Atwood Magazine (blog)
If you're not yet convinced that we're living through an '80s musical renaissance, pop band Half the Animal have devised a colorful, fresh music video that feels straight out of 1985. Boasting big, catchy hooks and charming harmonies, “Bad Bad Love” is

French designer Catherine Malandrino on why we need to distinguish seduction from harassment – Moneyish


French designer Catherine Malandrino on why we need to distinguish seduction from harassment
Hence her breezy tome, which is part-memoir, part manual to how French women (and more specifically the Parisiennes that hang around the tony 16th and 8th arrondissements) get it done. Interspersed among dictums like “Wear a pair [of red stilettos] and

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Tory Shepherd: Adelaide needs lesson in the art of seduction to achieve population growth – The Advertiser

The Advertiser

Tory Shepherd: Adelaide needs lesson in the art of seduction to achieve population growth
The Advertiser
HOW do we get the youth to stay in South Australia? Better yet, how do we seduce interstaters to make the move? The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the latest tranche of Census data. It shows — unsurprisingly — that we are laggards when