There is a lot more than Twickenham

Twickenham is of course famous for its race course but there is a lot more to Twickenham than the horse racing set. If you are new to the area, you will be surprised to discover that there are many gorgeous Twickenham escorts.

Twickenham escorts may be a bit younger than the rest of the escorts in the Greater London area but Twickenham girls from are just as much fund as many of the other girls you are likely to meet. I like to arrange dates with younger escorts, so Twickenham escorts are perfect for me.

What I really like about Twickenham escorts is that they are not pushy at all. They are just fun to be with and most of the girls are very playful. I stayed in Twickenham during a recent visit to the area, I work in the horse racing industry, and I found that I was able to date some great Twickenham escorts during my stay.

Would you like to meet some of the Twickenham escorts that I dated? Okay, I will tell you a little bit about them.


Sometimes you just fancy something a bit pure bred, a bit classy and let me tell you now that Raissa is the girl for you. This girl is really tall and has the most amazing legs. She is so sexy that I could have died and I would just loved her to have been able to wrap those long legs around me. We spend a delicious two hours together, and did everything from zipping champagne to eating strawberries which I found in interesting places.

She met the at the door dressed in a long fur coat with the most astonishing lingerie, and we sat down to enjoy our time together. I would normally pay a lot more for a sexy companion like this one, and I would been happy to have paid for a few more hours in her delicious company.


Tasha was my second date with Twickenham escorts services. She was totally different from Raissa and was more the submissive type. Sometimes it is fun to have a partner like that, and although I quite like being dominated I enjoyed my time with Tasha, She is not from the UK but she speaks excellent English and is very entertaining. I think if I were to come back to the area I would certainly like to meet her again.

To be honest, I was in a bit of a rush when I met her and I did not relax fully as I was thinking about my next meeting. This did not seem to bother her as she sweetly finished my one hour massage, and I secretly promised myself another date with her to brighten up a gloomy afternoon.

The problem with this area is that there are so many lovely girls but I had so little time. I was only here for four days and had a lot of meetings to get through. I am coming back down in a couple of months time and I will most certainly be visiting the two girls I met, and I hope to have time to meet a few more.