Having someone on your side is the most beautiful moment in life – Canary Wharf Escort

Of course, it will lighten our life when someone is there to be with us on our journey. Love brings happiness and satisfaction in the experience of a person. But sometimes, it will also the cause of too much sadness and difficulties.


I thought I have the best man in town; he was a good looking and gentleman. Many girls look up to him and show affection, but he has no official girlfriend. I am a shy type of woman and don’t have a social life. I am a private person and only have a few close friends that know me. I am in love with a simple life, fewer friends, and less drama in life. I pick my friend and who I go with, someone that do not destroy my inner peace and a good influence on me. I am a smart girl, always first in class. My parents are still proud of me; they get a lot of appreciation from other people.


But things change when I met my boyfriend. Ian is our new neighbor, and everyone wants to hang out with him. He is known for being a playboy, bringing any women in her house most of the day. I saw him every night since I am late to sleep because I am still studying. He saw me one time looking at them and wink at me. I don’t know, but I feel something about it. I never mind it and focus on my studies. Until the transfer to our school too, and he became my seatmate. I find him very annoying, an attention seeker. One time, our professor gave us a project, and out of all the students, he is the only one who has not to pass. Our professor was furious, shamed him in the class. I know how embarrassing it is, so I offer to help him do the project and pass it after class. We both made it and gave it to our professor. We became friends and starts to go out. I am happy when I am with him, so I go together with his friends to the club. I learned to drink and be wild. My parents noticed me because my grades are getting low, always went home late and drunk. We had a relationship and used continuously by him almost every day. I forgot about my responsibilities because of him.


I realized that he has a bad influence on me, so I decided to leave him even if it is painful. Years passed, I knew about a Canary Wharf Escort from https://charlotteaction.org/canary-wharf-escorts and applied myself. Luckily I get the job and find more happiness being a Canary Wharf Escort.

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