Loneliness at Christmas

Speaking to the other girls here at Croydon escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts, it is clear that many of them have their own plans. The same thing cannot be said for all of the gents I date at the escort agency in Croydon. Many of them don’t seem to have any plans at all, and I think that there will be more than one lonely heart in Croydon this Christmas.


Personally I am packing my bags and going on a holiday. Some time away from Croydon escorts will do me good. Normally I arrange to have like a ten day break on a beach somewhere but I am not going to do that this time. The Caribbean is in a really bad way after the hurricane, so I am going on a cruise instead. I will still get a chance to visit a couple of the islands and get a tan. Really that is what I am after.


I keep thinking about what my gents are going to do. Some of then will certainly be lonely and I hope that they will be glad to see me when I return to Croydon escorts. What are they going to be doing with their time during Christmas. Some of them look so sad when they ask me what I am going to be doing for Christmas that I have not asked them. What if I upset them? I know that a couple of them would like me to spend time with them over Christmas but a girl needs to have a break.


If you don’t want to spend a conventional Christmas, there are plenty of other things that you can do. One of the girls at Croydon escorts always like to help one of the charities at Christmas time. You would never think that she is an escort when you see her with her up and working hard to serve Christmas dinner to old people without any families here in London. She¬† really loves that, and she feels like she is doing a lot of good.


Another one of the girls at Croydon escorts will be spending her Christmas morning looking after abandoned dogs. She does not really have time for a dog in her life at the moment, but that does not mean she does not help them. It must be very rewarding to do something for others on Christmas Day, and if I don’t feel like going on a holiday one year, I think that is what I will do. I would just love to feel like I am doing something good. But then again, you can say that I am doing something good at the escort services in Croydon. Anyway it seems like that when I look at the gentlemen at the escort agency. Sorry you have to be on your own this Christmas, but this girl really needs a bit of a break. I will see you after Christmas and I will be ready to have some fun again.

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