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On occasion, the gents I date at Kensington escorts  from ask me the most surprising questions, and I must admit that I am not prepared for them half the time. The other day, I was hanging on a 5-star hotel bar with this fine gent who I was on a date with, and he wanted to know what the best things were since sliced bread. I have to admit that I had to think about that one as I do not always get asked that question.


When I was a little girl, my family could not afford to take a lot of holidays, so we often had to stay at home. My mum always tried to make the most of our stay vacations at home, but I must admit that I was a bit jealous of the girls who got to travel abroad with their families. I so much wanted to come back with a suntan after the school summer holidays, but it never happened. Now when I work for Kensington escorts, I do treat myself to regular holidays abroad.


Also, I could not afford any decent jewelry. Okay, I had a gold chain and a pair of gold earrings, but that was about it. Since I started to work for Kensington escorts, I have invested in some nice jewelry, but they are not really keepsakes. If you like, they are sort of little investments that I enjoy wearing for the time being. When I get older, as they go up in price, I may just sell them off and put the money one side as mu personal pension scheme.


Of course, I spend some of money on other things as well. One of the things is designer handbags, I love designer handbags, and if you look after them, you can sell to collectors. To be honest, I don’t always buy them. A couple of the gents I date at Kensington escorts seem to enjoy buying me designer hand bags, and I just make sure that I look after them. They could become damaged if you use them too much so I am always very careful.


Did I say any of that to my gent? No, instead I told him that I love things like a poached egg and smoked salmon on toast, and the bottle of Bollinger champagne that he had just bought me. He smiled, and probably thought that I was very much like all of the other Kensington escorts that he had met. However, the next day when I arrived for work, I found a big bouquet of Lilly of the Valley waiting for more with a nice little note. How did he know that I liked Lilly of the Valley? Perhaps this man had read my mind. More than anything, I do think that Lilly of the Valley is the best thing since sliced bread… it is kind of uncanny how he knew that, and I am looking forward to see him again.

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